Big Little Spaces

The powder room – so much attention has been given to the unsuspecting powder bath lately; she’s pretty much like the new girl in school everyone wants to be friends with. The powder may be a small space, but it holds massive opportunity for both fun and function.

Below are 5 ways you can give the smallest room in your home, the biggest personality.


The powder room is one place where, a lack of square footage actually works in your favor; proving small spaces can carry big style.  This is the perfect opportunity to introduce daring patterns and/or bold colors.  Try adding a touch of whimsy with a fun animal print like this ‘jungle cat wallcovering’ from York, or go for the gold, with something more opulent, like this metallic geometric from Graham & Brown.  Thanks to photo realism, you can even turn your powder room into a garden oasis with wall floral wall decals like the ones available here. Whatever the design direction, wallpaper is sure to completely transform your space.


Flush mounts have come a long way from those terrible builder lights we love to hate. Lighting is the most important element of design in the home, and the powder room is no exception.  Just like wallpaper, this is a chance to ‘light’en up, and have some fun!  Depending on your style, there is truly a lighting fixture for every aesthetic.  Sconces are an excellent way to drive home a theme (without being overtly thematic). For example, if you admire all things coastal, this sweet jute sconce is the perfect touch, it gives all the nautical feels without screaming seashells and seaweed.  Are you a music junky? These retro sconces play homage to vinyl records without getting tacky. More of a nature lover? Check out these sophisticated sconces with an organic twist. All these playful options are available now at


While you’re adding the most perfect lighting fixtures to your cart over at Shannan Bower Home, let’s talk mirrors (might as well shop those too since you’re already there) 😉  Gone are the days of boring rectangle cookie-cutter mirrors.  Today, mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, and with an area like a powder room, it’s a perfect opportunity to flex those creative muscles.  Since this isn’t a full bath, you can focus on the fun vs. the function.   Get creative with shapes like this gold asymmetrical mirror. Think outside the glass, by choosing an antiqued option, like this one. Play with quantities by placing a grouping of mirrors over your vanity, go with a smaller shape like this fun oval.


An interesting wall tile can make a powder room come to life, and a beautiful flooring tile really grounds the space. (Pun intended. You’re welcome.)  Whether it’s ceramic, porcelain, glass, or natural stone, tile serves as the liaison between all other finishes and selections.  There are multiple ways to allow your tile to do the talking.  Similar to mirrors, you can concentrate on shape, style, size, finish, and location of the tile.  Get creative with accent strips and borders, play with large format tiles for a grand look and feel, mix metals and finishes, capitalize on areas to add some attention (flooring at vanity or entry, wall niche, backsplash, etc…)


Ok, so the word plumbing doesn’t exactly conjure up Pinterest board feels and trendy mood boards but trust us when we say plumbing fixtures are kind of having a moment right now.  From waterfall faucets o wall-mount fixtures, luxurious finishes, to modern curves, gone are the days of the standard selections from your local hardware store.  Don’t believe us? Just follow this link to view some of the most stunning bathroom faucets.

We understand all these options can be a bit overwhelming, that’s why we’re here! Contact SBI today, and let’s give that powder bath all the attention she deserves.

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