Shannan is full of joy, faith & optimism, and the desire to exceed expectations. 
I love that you can put any project in Shannan’s hands, trust that she has your best interests at heart, and know that she will see through every task she takes on. Shannan is organized, has laser focus, and works circles around others- in stilettos!


hannan Bower has over 15 years of experience in residential interior design and brings a wealth of expertise to every project. Her passion lies in the intricate realms of kitchen and bath design, where she thrives on collaborating with clients from the inception of a project. From interpreting architectural plans and crafting detailed 3D renderings to curating material and furnishing selections, every facet of the design process is an art that is meticulously navigated.

She finds joy in guiding clients through the entire journey, transforming architectural blueprints into captivating, functional spaces. Her commitment extends beyond the drawing board to immersive project site walk-throughs, ensuring the vision comes to life seamlessly.

She has been published locally as well as nationally in esteemed publications such as Luxe Magazine and Inspired Kitchens & Baths, which provide a testament to the innovation and thoughtfulness she infuses into each design.

Shannan is also a licensed Texas REALTOR® and views each project through a dual lens which enables her to design unique, timeless spaces that provide longterm value.


Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels  - 
Average a ( 54% - 72% ) Return on Investment

* Regional Remodeling Report - DFW,  TX

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