Spring Forward

Simple ways to incorporate the freshness of Spring into your home.

Inhale, giant exhale *Ahh…Spring.  Birds are chirping, splashes of green sprout from the ground, bare branches are budding; nature is coming to life…

As a native Texan, I am fortunate to enjoy the sun well into the later months.  Even still, there’s something so special about Spring.  It stirs this sense of newness in my soul.  I find myself shopping for a lighter wardrobe, asking for brighter highlights, and needing a fresh mani-pedi (ok, I realize these things aren’t exactly out of the norm for me, regardless the time of year. 😉)

However, as I sit at my breakfast table listening to the birds sing their celebratory songs, I can’t help but wonder; if every living thing outside these four walls rejoice in the newness of the season, shouldn’t the places we dwell do the same?

At Shannan Bower Interiors, we say, “Yes!”  So, pour yourself a glass of iced tea and get ready to take some notes.  It’s time to open those windows and let the sunshine in.

Here are 5 simple ways to wake your home up from her long winters nap.


There may be no better way to bring the outside in, than, literally bringing the outside in! Indoor plants are having a major moment.  If you don’t boast a green-thumb, opt for low-maintenance plants requiring little attention.  One of the seven listed here are excellent options.  Pair them with a cute stand like this one from Shannan Bower Home, and if you’re not ready to commit to the real thing, we also offer realistic faux options; like this adorable Mari Calla Accent Plant.


It’s time to warm up that cold interior and let all the natural sunlight pour into your home.  Depending on the weight and color, your current window treatments may be deterring some of that Vitamin D from getting in.  If you have heavy or dark drapes hanging, swap those out for a pair of flowy sheers. Sheers not only allow light in, they give an ethereal look and breezy feel to any room; is there even a better Spring vibe?


You already know we couldn’t complete this blog without talking about our favorite accessory…pillows! Adding a sweet accent pillow (or five) can take your space from drab to fab in seconds.  Pro Tip:  Look for pillows with lighter – natural textiles, botanical, floral, and organic patterns.  You can even add some Spring fun with something more whimsical, like this sweet bunny option!


It’s truly amazing what a simple splash of color will do for a space.  Something like this carribean-blue option here.  Draping a Spring-y (that’s a design term) throw over your sofa, bed, or lounge chair will brighten up the space, while adding an unexpected pop of joy 😉 and who doesn’t want more happiness after a season full of gray skies and shorter days?


Consider substituting that family photo over your sofa for something more seasonal like this serene floral print. Or this framed collage of a modern take on elegant botanicals. Go for a larger print or a collection of smaller ones, this will give your space a big Spring payoff with little effort.

Whether you decide to implement one or all of these, livening up your home with something fresh will not only brighten your room, it may just give your mood the boost it needs after such a sleepy season. 🙂

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