Cutting Edge

Picking the perfect profile for your kitchen and bath counters

At Shannan Bower Interiors, one of our favorite moments in a kitchen or bath design is watching a beautiful new slab of countertop laid on a fresh set of cabinets. Whether it’s a high-end natural stone or budget-friendly, manmade material, countertops anchor the overall design and truly set the scene for the entire space.

As with every project, when you partner with SBI, no stone goes unturned and no detail overlooked.  One of those opportunities for detail may be easily missed if you aren’t working alongside a designer.  When selecting your countertops, along with the actual surface material, your fabricator will request an edge profile.

If you aren’t familiar with countertop jargon, an edge profile is the cut or finish on the edge band surrounding the slab of stone or material. It can be smoothed out, cut into, chiseled, etc… so if you’re looking to add a little something special to those new counters, keep reading.

Here are 3 (maybe 4) of our favorite edge profiles:

1. Cove

A bit more contemporary than its softer counterpart (the ogee,) coved edges are a perfect design for a dramatic touch to a kitchen island or a bathroom vanity.  It tends to feel slightly less formal than the ogee, making it a perfect profile to have a little fun with. The cove edge is used largely on higher end counter stones, meaning it’s the perfect profile to add some luxury to your design.

2. Beveled

You’ve more than likely seen this timeless profile on countless mirrors in your favorite home-goods store. Mainly because this is one of the most popular edge designs out there, and for good reason.  The timeless design truly compliments any space.  The bevel is cut on a 45-degree angle, creating unique and beautiful movement. Its classic with an “edge” see what we did there? 😉

3. Chiseled

This profile is for the bold homeowner who isn’t afraid to leave their countertop stone in its more natural state.  The broken angles give the chiseled edge it’s rough and uneven texture.  Though this may seem a bit rough-around-the-edges (pun absolutely intended,) its rawness is what makes it all the more beautiful and will definitely have your house guests taking a double look.

4. (We cheated) Waterfall Edge

Ok, we said maybe 6, because we might be cheating with this one.  Technically this last option is not a “profile” but we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the most striking choice and admittedly our personal favorite.   The waterfall edge.  This look is all about the glam.  The saying “too much of a good thing” need not apply here.  If your counters are topped with luxurious natural stone, by all means, take that beauty all the way to the floor!

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