Starting a Kitchen remodel?

Thinking of DIY or hiring a Designer?

Ohh the many things to consider when remodeling your home – time, money and processes being the big 3.

Easy though, right? You can rent a jack hammer and pull up that tile, or pick the perfect color, grab a paint brush and spruce up those cabinets, or even catch that quick YouTube video and create the backsplash of your dreams.

Spoiler Alerts: it’s not that easy and there are professionals for these reasons! Read on….


Dust, noise, and inconvenience oh my! You know when you start to spring clean the house, then halfway through you realize it’s looking worse than when you started? Yeah, it’s kinda like that…times 100. Yay!

Between old cabinets being torn down, existing countertops busted up, and old flooring tile shattered into a million pieces, you can definitely expect the chaos.  And this is just the expected, we aren’t even including all the mud and dirt getting tracked in and out on those rainy demo days.


Not “those” fires. We mean the ones involving finances instead of firetrucks.  Another spoiler alert, in the midst of any remodel, especially one as large as a kitchen, Murphy’s Law may be in full effect – what can go wrong, will go wrong.  We know this sounds a bit dramatic, but trust us, we’ve done this a time…or twenty…

The beautiful farmhouse sink you fell in love with is now on backorder until 2025, the flooring you intended on matching is no longer in production.  The custom range you ordered was misquoted by the newbie at the appliance store, taking the project 20% over budget.


And we don’t just mean cosmetically. We mean the kind in your pocket… (more on that later…) Simply changing your kitchen color alone, will bring freshness and give you a jumpstart on your reno.  Then there’s layout.  A good kitchen is aesthetically pleasing, a great kitchen is both beautiful and functional.  Your kitchen should work for you – allowing comfortable traffic flow, prepping, cooking and serving.

There’s an old adage in the design and real estate world, “Kitchens sell houses.”  Though a few factors come into play here (home value, local market, and budget) speaking with a REALTOR® to see what level of ROI your kitchen remodel could bring, is always a great idea.

Okay, if this has left you feeling a bit overwhelmed and slightly fearful, now would be a great time seriously consider hiring a professional Interior Designer for your kitchen remodel.  At Shannan Bower Interiors we have the knowledge and skills to walk you through each of the above.  From design concept, to implementation, to understanding ROI. One could say…We keep things from getting too messy, prevent the fires from spreading, bringing changes you wanted, and ones you never knew you needed.

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