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One of the most flattering compliments I receive is when friends and family come into our home and say that our home looks – just like us! Personal styling is more than pictures and pillows, it’s about pulling everything together and creating the magic that makes a house a home.

Below are a few of my go-to tricks that you can implement into your own home to show off your personal style!

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Form Meets Function

When designing a space, always consider its use. There are many creative ways you can make the most simple and basic aspects of a space come to life.

For example, in your kitchen, display produce in an eclectic styled decorative bowl or farmhouse styled basket. Store baking essentials, coffee, or dry cereal on the counter in traditional monogrammed canisters.

Using creative ways to display your style can assist in the actual function of the space and will add a fresh feel that makes it special.

Layering Textures + Textiles

Layers create dimension and make things interesting! Adding different textiles and mixing subtle patterns with variations of your favorite color will bring in character and personality and will help in pulling the room together.

Using the pillows on your bed, couch, sitting area, or outdoor living; mixing shapes, patterns and texture will help the space feel more inviting and make your guests want to stay awhile!

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Your Personal Touches

The most beautiful, authentic homes are the ones that reflect those living in them! Your home is your safe place, your refuge from the world, the place where everything feels “right”. Decorating with family photos, sentimental pieces, or collections from travels will help display your life and your personality.

Lighting and Accessories

What is a little black dress without the perfect heel, earrings and lipstick? Your home isn’t – you – without some of these personal style touches. A large glam chandelier, a fun colorful vase, a beautiful natural flower arrangement, or a vintage rug in your favorite room; all of these different elements add to the feel of your spaces and can reflect your own personal style.

If you need more assistance with incorporating more of your personal style in your home, we would love to help! You can contact us here: or jump on our website @ and schedule a consultation.

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