Our E-Design services are for those clients who are not quite ready to embark on the construction phase of a new build or remodel. E-Design enables clients to get a head start by working through the architectural phase and potential material selections to finalize a realistic image of their vision. Once ready to embark on the estimates / construction phases, be it 1 month or 1 year, clients are ready! Our E-Design services are characterized by convenience, accessibility, and the ability to transcend geographical limitations, enabling SBI to work with clients nationwide.

Immerse yourself in the future of design with our technologically advanced 3D rendering services, where creativity meets precision, and your vision comes to life before construction begins.


With your vision in mind, we work with your architect so that plans are meticulously crafted, mapping out the spatial arrangement, traffic flow, and integration of key elements. This phase lays the groundwork for a home that not only captivates visually but also functions seamlessly.

We thoroughly explore your vision delving into specifics... the materials you prefer, your lighting and plumbing finish preferences, hardware options, and your desired furnishings style. These detailed elements serve as the cornerstone for generating lifelike renderings that depict your envisioned space accurately.

We begin translating your preferences and the architectural essence of the space into a cohesive design concept. We visually articulate the concept through concept boards, sketches, and digital renderings. These tools serve as a visual language to effectively communicate the envisioned atmosphere, style, and layout. This step is crucial for refining details and ensuring that the envisioned aesthetic aligns with your expectations.

Your feedback is crucial. We encourage open communication, allowing us to fine-tune the design together. Witness your ideas taking shape and actively participate in the evolution of your project

Save time and resources when addressing potential design challenges in the virtual realm. E-Design offers a proactive approach to problem-solving, minimizing unexpected changes during the construction phase. This results in a streamlined process that adheres to your timeline and budget.

We leverage the transformative power of E-Design to elevate your design experience. Join us on a visual journey where possibilities are explored, decisions are empowered, and dreams are realized in stunning detail. 

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