Back to School

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of complete jubilation as parents around the world rejoice in the return of kiddos going back to school.  Of course, we are only being slightly tongue-in-cheek here. We will miss making those beautiful summer memories and are already looking forward to fall break as a family!

In honor of our (not so little) babies returning to the classroom, we thought it would be fun to dedicate this blog to them. Whether your adorable adolescent is walking the hall for the first time, or stepping on campus for their senior year, below are five unique ways to add character, comfort, and whimsy to their space, giving them a special place to come home, heat up an afternoon snack, and hit the books!


Shew, seeing your babies walk out the front door, and leave the comfort of home is not for the faint of heart. The elementary years are the last first-day pictures we get with a smile (you know, before they think they’re too cool for us.) Their little minds spinning with excitement, their hearts beating with anticipation, “Who will I sit beside? “Will my teacher be nice?” Ugh, I’m tearing up as I write this.

After an eight-hour school day and a one-hour bus ride home, your little one may be ready to release some of that pinned-up energy.  If they are unable to play outside or not quite ready to wind down with a good book, consider bringing the outdoors in! Indoor Rock walls are an excellent way to keep them active and hopefully wear them out before bath time. 😉 Just be sure to read all safety guidelines before installing!

Brings a new meaning to the term, “bouncing off the walls.”


If there is one thing about middle school we can all agree on, it’s that we couldn’t wait to get out (only kind of kidding, but mostly serious.) What better way to help your middle schooler escape the bleakness of the in-between, the almost but not yet, awkward braces phase of life, than to create a tranquil oasis for them in their own home? Wall murals are an excellent way to achieve this.

There are so many incredibly life-like murals available today. From hand-painted landscapes by artists around the world on sites like Etsy to epic over-scaled prints at your local Home Depot store. Check out this serene mountain mural. By Woodland Wallpaper Mural | Hovia guaranteed to add quietude to your child’s space.  

The mountains are calling and we must go. But first, homework.


*Sigh* high school…the place where everything seems heightened by the tenth degree. Emotions, hormones, appetite… Chances are, your high-schooler will have an over-the-top reaction to, or obsession with, something in these four critical, character-building years. We might as well get on board and ride the wave with them.

A fun way to showcase a collection or particular item your high schooler is loving at the moment, is to put that item on full display.  For example, this shoe collection wall is perfect for the sneakerhead in your life, or maybe you have a track star with countless metals. Either way, your kiddo will appreciate you putting their passion on display. We still can’t guarantee they’ll think you’re cool, but we promise you’ll score major brownie points for caring.

It’s not an obsession, it’s art.

The best part about decorating your child’s room is the interaction, the collaboration, the togetherness. Being interested in what interests them, and helping define THEIR space will create memories that last long past the ever so bright – neon shoe wall.

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