According to historians, in 1675, a Frenchman and engraver named Jean-Michel Papillon made the first repeating designs that matched on both sides. It was repeated and was continuous from one sheet to the next. Today, those sheets are now known as – wallpaper.  This phenomenon would live on for centuries as new patterns and unique techniques such as flocking were introduced.  Today, wallpaper is still alive and well, but it may be time to change the name as it can be used for so many other interesting applications.

Here are 5 unique ways to utilize wallpaper in your home.


We’ve touched on this some in a past blog titled, “Look Up,” explaining ways to add visual interest to the fifth wall in your room.  Taking a beautiful paper from the wall to the ceiling immediately changes the atmosphere of the space. Drawing the eye up not only brings an element of surprise but also makes the room more special.  Get creative with patterns and texture, doing so has the potential to immediately transport and transform.

Ceiling Wallpaper: Ideas and Designs for Any Room | Wallsauce UK


Built-ins are a wonderful investment.  They are an excellent way to display family pictures, special heirlooms, and collectibles gathered over the years.  However, all those special heirlooms often get lost in the attention of the TV or an adjacent fireplace.  To give these meaningful items the attention they deserve, help them stand out by adding wallpaper as a backing to your shelves.  A textured grass cloth or a small-scale print will add depth and contrast.

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We enjoy getting creative over here at SBH and wallpaper might just be our favorite muse. With the warmer temps, rummage sales are ramping up. These are a great opportunity to find books people are ready to discard.  Don’t worry about a tattered cover, you’re going to remove it anyway! Here’s the challenge, find some previously enjoyed books, remove the existing cover that is still intact, and wrap the book like you would a present.  Place on the bookshelf for an immediate punch of personality.

Caruth Studios


We are proponents of beautifying any space. So here us out when we say even the drawers in your home can have the chance to shine.  The peel and stick application has changed the game when it comes to wallpaper installation.  Lining the drawers of your kitchen, bathroom, and/or dresser drawers can clean up the surface and bring a little joy to your daily routine, and who doesn’t want a reason to smile?

Wallpaper as Drawer Liner – Room For Tuesday


This one is kind of a trade secret 😉 Artwork is so personal, it can also be a bit pricey.  If you have a large wall you’re wanting to fill, consider framing wallpaper in place of prints.  Here’s the pro tip:  Try calling the vendor/store and order sample sizes.  This eliminates having to purchase full rolls of the same design and allows you to get creative with various patterns while saving money.

Simple Details: framed wallpaper as artwork (simpledetailsblog.blogspot.com)

Any way you decide to adorn your spaces with wallpaper – have fun with it!

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