Look Up!

Taking your ceiling to new heights.

Painting the four walls in any room can make the most dramatic change to any new build or remodel. However, if you are reading this at home, look up. What do you see?  You may be missing a fifth opportunity for something special.  Most likely, you’re staring at a blank white canvas, and at Shannan Bower Interiors, that’s music to our ears.

We spend so much time giving attention to the four walls around us and the floor beneath us, we often overlook, what’s overhead. So, stretch your design muscles with us this week as we explore

3 unique and exciting ways to take your blank white ceiling to new heights. (Pun intended)


Ok, so we realize this idea doesn’t exactly sound groundbreaking, but hear us out. We aren’t suggesting your standard bright white.  If your walls are white and/or very neutral, consider creating a major moment and paint the ceiling a bright color for a fun contrast. If you opted for a bolder color, take that same color up to the ceiling, it’s going to add richness to the space and make the room feel complete. In fact, leaving the ceiling a stark white may make the room feel unfinished. If these options feel a little scary but you still want to venture out, consider sticking to the standard technique of diluting the wall color with white by using the 80/20 ratio.  80 percent white, to 20 percent wall color.


At Shannan Bower Interiors, we couldn’t be more excited about clients continuing to embrace the comeback of the once outcasted wallpaper.  It may be time however, to change its name, because this beautiful treatment makes for a striking transformation on more than just walls, and the applying to the 5th wall (as us designers like to call it) may be one of our favorites.  Subtle or bold, adding the interest of a textured or patterned wallpaper on the ceiling can tie the room together and take the entire space to another level! (Oops, we did it again)

Fixed Elements

If you really want to amp up the character in your space, consider adding some type of architectural interest to the ceiling.  This could be achieved a multitude of ways.  Floating wood beams, coffered ceilings, beadboard, reclaimed wood slats, ceiling rosettes, to name a few.  Incorporating these elements bring warmth and richness and grandness to the space.  Unlike Paint and wallpaper, this option is not recommended for a DIY project.  Be sure to consult with your designer before adding any extra weight to your ceilings.  Because, gravity.

If you are ready to take your ceilings from bland to grand and need help in doing so, please fill out the inquiry form here. Someone from our team will contact you about getting started!

Live well,

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