A Bedtime story

If a great story makes the book, then a great bed makes the room.

Picture this. You’ve just checked in to your beach front condo.  You’ve slipped on your cute suit, put on your chic floppy hat, and grabbed the new book you picked up during your airport layover.  You secure your spot in the sand, open the book, and dive in.  Chapter 1 has you captivated.  You turn to chapter 2 eager to be just as mesmerized…plot twist…Chapter 2 says the exact same thing? Chapter 3? Same thing?!  What?! Who wants to read a book with the same story on every page? As a Designer and Realtor, I know your home works the same way.  It should be a collection of stories both old and new; pieces reflecting who you are, where you’ve been and maybe even where you’re going.  One of my favorite rooms to design is the bedroom, in particular the bed – it’s where worries lay to rest, joys are pondered, and dreams are made!

Here are 3 Essential elements to a beautiful (bed) story…

Chapter 1: Introduction

Every story begins with an Introduction. If the bed is a book in this metaphor, I guess that makes our sheets and comforter the “cover” of the story. Ha. Sorry, I had to.  All jokes aside, the foundation is the most important part of building a home, and it should be the most important part of your bed.  Do not skimp here.  Getting a restful night sleep not only makes you more tolerable at the next work meeting, it’s also imperative to your health.  Research shows that a chronic lack of sleep increases the risk of disorders including high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, and obesity.   I’m not saying a mattress or blanket will keep any of these at bay, but I do know both will result in a better night’s sleep.  Start with a quality sheet set, next, lay down an attractive quilt (here’s a chance to add something sentimental or handmade) or opt for one of these stunning quilts from Serene & Lily. Lastly, add a snuggly and comfy down-filled (or alternative) duvet.  This link offers an extensive list of superior sheets, duvets, and comforters fit for a queen…or king.

Chapter 2:  Characters

Any good book is made up of interesting characters.  In the case of our bed story, pillows perfectly play the part.  It’s all about shape, size, and scale here.  Large square, long rectangle, etc.…Remember our last blog post? It proves why it’s important for our characters (read as ‘pillows’) to have different personalities – and how alone or combined, make for the most interesting story.  It’s almost like we planned it this way. 😉 Start with the pillows you’re going to lay your head on.  Get this right! Nothing is worse than dropping dough on a pillow just to have it take up real estate on the closet shelf (ask me how I know.)  Next, you want to layer with euro pillows.  These are larger square pillows used decoratively to compliment the rest of the look.  In front of the euro shams, introduce slightly smaller pillows with a neutral or complimenting textile, or, a lumbar pillow like the one here at Ballard Designs.  You want to keep this chapter simple and sweet, the excitement comes in Chapter 3! 

Chapter 3: Climax

The pivotal moment of a story.  In this case, combining all our elements to make a picture-perfect bed story.  This is where we throw it all together.  Literally, throw blankets, throw pillows, all the things.  Layering is super important here – layering texture, textile, color, scale, and more, will set your bed-story apart from anyone else’s.  At the foot of the bed, layer your favorite throw, afghan, or blanket.  Don’t just stop there! If space allows, place a bench at the foot of the bed (something like this yummy gold upholstered bench at Restoration Hardware.) Ya know, for those early Monday mornings you’d rather get ready sitting down; also, here’s another chance for more pillows and blankets, yay!  If you’re story isn’t reading the way you hoped, or seems a bit uneventful, this is your opportunity to add some interest with color and liven things up!

Use these guidelines to help style your bed like a pro – just remember, this is your home and your room, don’t be afraid to write your own story!

Helpful Links:

Watch this helpful video tutorial showing all the things!

Here is a guide on where and how to place the characters in your story. 

Check out this chart for a guide on pillow scale according to your bed size.

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